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Certification Exam Update from the Education Committee

The current status of testing and certification in Illinois is at best in a gradual state. Due to the Covid-19 virus and the government restrictions at IEPA, the Bureau of Water at IEPA has placed a few restrictions on the certification process.
Each site is restricted to 15 examinees. Currently there are only 3 testing sites and the exam is only to be given once a month. Extra examinations are to be set up thru the agency and subject to agency availability and restrictions. The following rules are to be followed at each facility:
 Upon Arrival at Agency
Examinees must call to reserve a seat for the exam.  If your name is not on the list, you will not be allowed to enter the building.  
Plan to arrive 30 minutes early – the drinking water exam begins at 9:00 am.  From the parking lot go up the stairs to the main entrance.  Observe social distancing while waiting to enter the building.  You may enter one at a time. Someone will be there to check you in and direct you to the exam room.  Once you are in the exam room take a seat as directed and the proctor will give you further instructions.
Once Inside the Building
Masks are required – no exceptions – examinees are required to bring their own mask.  If masks are removed, the examinee will be asked to leave the building and their test will be forfeited.  An examinee must have a photo ID and their Letter of Admission (LOA).   They may have their keys, a non-programmable calculator, and something to drink (non-alcoholic).  Personal items; purses, cell phones, Apple watches, etc. must be left at home or in the vehicle. 
Also, due the restrictions, it is asked that if you request a seat to write on the exam and are given a letter of admission: PLEASE show up and take the test. Too many people are not showing up and taking seats away from people whom are waiting for a slot to take the test. If you are only applying to take the exam and may not go, please wait until you are ready and allow another operator a chance to write on the exam. This has been a huge problem. If you fail the exam, please wait until you receive your letter before applying again. We have many operators vying for that spot.
We are aware that the Des Plaines site is currently at capacity for the next few months, if you cannot get in please feel free to request the IEPA site or the ERTC site.
Hope this helps for some!
Rick Lallish
Program Director
Education Chair, IAWPCO